Hodges on Hebrews

Many years ago, I read somewhere (I think it was in Joseph Dillow’s book The Reign of the Servant Kings) about the revolutionary lectures by Zane Hodges on how to understand the book of Hebrews. Dillow’s book was printed in 1992, and so Zane’s lectures must have been given at least twenty years ago. When I read this, I wanted to find out what Zane had said, and tried in vain to get a copy of these lectures.

When I worked at the Grace Evangelical Society, we must have received requests almost monthly for these recordings, but nobody, not even Zane, knew how to get a copy of them.

Well, finally, through a friend of a friend, some traded e-mails, and the wonders of the United States Postal Service, I got my hands on these tapes, and have digitized them for your listening pleasure! The recordings are very poor, but what can you expect from tapes that are about 20 years old?

I’ve already listened to them, and while I don’t agree with everything Zane says, I kind of doubt he would still agree with himself either. But if you have ever struggled with how to understand the book of Hebrews, Zane’s lectures will send you off in the right direction.

There are eight lectures, and I will try to provide one or two per week until all are available, so keep checking back!

His first lecture is called Never Give Up and is based on Hebrews 1:1-4, 13.

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  1. Peggie says

    Thanks so much for these lectures. I look forward to listening to them all.
    I appreciate your time and effort.

  2. says

    Hey Jeremy,


    I have them on my mp3 already, all of them. They are good. I have listened to them once and are on my second time. I received them from a friend of mine already in digital. I also have his repentance tapes and his acts tapes, as well as his sermons on Romans and the 4 horseman on mp3 if you are interested.


  3. says


    WOW! I’ve been looking for these tapes for a decade! How did you get them? Where did you get them? When? Zane isn’t selling them. I don’t want to put up anything he is selling.

    I wish I had known you had them…

    Oh well.

  4. Jon Case says

    Jeremy, – Since you mentioned it, I thought I would ask if you might be so kind as to send me some examples of where or what you disagree with Hodges on in this Hebrews series? You mentioned that you think he probably doesn’t agree with some of what he said – LOL, (does that really happen to Zane?!) – but that I assume is speculation so I’m only curious about what you disagree with… I digitized these same tapes for Antonio and have always felt it was the best series on Hebrews I have ever heard. I’m a learner so am always interested in knowing where any weaknesses might be in a particular study but never noticed any in this series so I am very curious… This series literally unlocked up the book of Hebrews for me…

    – Jon

  5. says


    No, I frankly don’t remember off the top of my head what the issues were. I just remember that when I listened to the tapes, I heard a few things I would have worded differently. Sorry I can’t remember more.

  6. Steve Elkins says

    First, thanks for putting these out for everyone!
    Second, these are not the “lectures” Dillow refers to. These are the sermons, obviously, at Chruch of the Open Door. The “lectures” Dillow heard were from Hodges’ “famous” elective class on Hebrews. Those were HIGHLY in-depth and technical, Greek and Hebrew words flowing like water! Minus the good illustrations.

    That class was by far the best thing I had in all seminary. And my goodness, the questions during and after…WOW!

    If you ever get your hands on a copy of those, please let me know!

    I hope you’re doing well. God bless you in His service in New York.

  7. Victor says

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for posting these audio messages of Zane Hodges. He was a great scholar and a brilliant mind like yours.

    Also thank you for the revelation about Romans 10:9 which talks about the salvation over the power of sin rather than eternal life. You should be in the nation-wide Christian radio, TBN and GodTV.

    Merry Christmas!


  8. LeAnne Christianson says

    My husband and I have been trying to a copy of his tapes on the book of Acts. I’ve called GES and they were not able to help me and when we call Victor Street Bible Chapel, no one answers the phone. I have written them a letter. I was hoping to give set of these tapes to my husband for Christmas. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  9. says


    Sadly, I don’t have those tapes either. When I lived in Dallas, I once asked Zane for copies of all his tapes so I could convert them to digital files, and he told me to ask Luis (I can’t remember his last name), who volunteered at Victor Street Bible Chapel with the tape ministry. I asked Luis, and for whatever reason, he was hesitant to give me the tapes.

    Now that Zane has passed away, I’m not sure what happened to all those tapes. I really wish that we could have made them available in mp3 format.

    I might make a call or two and see what I can find out.

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