Help the Lost Get Found

find lost loved onesFrank Viola put up a post yesterday about a website that helps you find people. Here is what he wrote:

Have you ever wanted to find an old friend from high school? You tried finding them on Facebook or those lame “high school reconnect” sites, and you’ve come up empty.

Or how about an old college friend or even an elementary school buddy?

Or more seriously, how do you find a missing person? For instance, how do you find a biological parent? How do you find a missing child? How do you find a missing friend? How do you find a missing parent?

Well, Reconnect: Find Lost or Missing Persons was created to do just that by using the ubiquitous power of the Internet in a strategic way.

I am involved with this project as well, and hope that it might help people reconnect with friends, loved ones, or family members.

Go check out the site, and also get connected with it on Facebook and Twitter.


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