6 Gospel Questions

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What is the Gospel?

Answer the Six Gospel Questions Below

I have asked the following six questions to various Bible study groups and discipleship classes over the years. If you are familiar with Evangelism Explosion, you may recognize a couple of the questions….

Note that I have never asked any of these questions to unbelievers, nor do I recommend anyone doing so. I do not think that asking these sorts of questions is a good way to do evangelism… I do, however, think that these sorts of questions are helpful to ask Christians as a way to gain insight into what sorts of ideas and truths people think are essential to the “gospel” and as a way to see what people think about how to gain or keep eternal life. So that is why I am asking them now.

I am not going to judge or condemn your answers…. in fact, your answers are anonymous. I am just curious what sorts of ways these questions get answered.

Oh, and one more disclaimer…. I know that the questions are loaded. They contain terms and ideas that carry lots of religious baggage, and lead you to answer the questions in a certain way. I am aware of this, but it is intentional. So answer the questions as best you can. I look forward to reading your answers.

[The survey is over…Thanks for participating, but the questions are still below. Feel free to weigh in on them in the comment section.]

Gospel Question 1

If you died today, do you know for sure you would go to heaven?

Gospel Question 2

If you died and stood before God and He asked you “Why should I let you into heaven?” What would you say?

Gospel Question 3

If you are certain that you would go to heaven if you died today, is there anything you could do or say in the future which might keep you from going to heaven? If so, what?

Gospel Question 4

Imagine that you walked outside today, and just as we step onto the sidewalk, you see a woman get run over by a car. You run up to her, and are able to tell that she has less than 30 seconds to live. As her life bleeds out of her there on the street, she looks up at you and says, “Tell me how to go to heaven when I die.”

What would you say?

Gospel Question 5

You are talking with a man about how to receive eternal life. You say whatever you think is necessary. He responds positively. Afterwards, he gets in his car. He is very excited about what you shared with him, and cannot wait to get home and tell his wife. He is so excited, he is not paying attention to the road very well. A dog runs out in front of his car. He swerves to miss the dog, and ends up careening of the side of the road, hitting a tree head-on. He dies instantly.

Does he go to heaven?

Gospel Question 6

Okay, now start over with the man getting in his car. He has just accepted your conditions and requirements for being justified and receiving eternal life. He is driving home and is very excited to tell his wife. And on his way home, he tunes all his radio stations to Christian music. Once he gets home, he tells his wife about Jesus, and she is pretty skeptical, but he doesn’t let this stop his love for God.

For several years he reads his Bible every day, prays, and attends church. He leads his neighbor and a few of his coworkers to Jesus in the same way that he was led to Jesus by you.

But one year, the man loses his job. He tries to find another one, but is not able. He falls into a depression. Pretty soon he is arguing with his wife all the time. He doesn’t feel loved and respected any more at home, so he goes out and has an affair. His wife finds out and divorces him. To numb the pain of losing his job and his wife, he turns to alcohol. After a while, alcohol cannot drown his problems either, and he turns to drugs. Somewhere along the way, he gets caught up in something he shouldn’t have, and ends up killing a man.

He is so shaken up about this, that he is not paying attention while driving home. A dog runs out in front of his car. He swerves to miss the dog, and ends up careening of the side of the road, hitting a tree head-on. He dies instantly.

Does he still go to heaven? Why or why not?

Feel free to weigh in below on what you think of these gospel related questions, though if you are going to answer them, please do that using the form above.

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