Are We Far From Narnia?

This is Part 4 of a 4-Part series by Tyson Phillips on C.S. Lewis and Narnia. Go here to read Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3.

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CIMG0838Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians in the Christian New Testament, says that we now see through a glass darkly. Is that merely a figure of speech, or does it, as I have always wondered, imply that what lies on the other side of that glass is not far away.

My friend has glass walls on two sides of her shower that separate her shower from her back and side yards. The walls are clearly visible from her neighbor’s yards. Her neighbors can see her in her shower.

However, the glass walls are made of glass blocks. They allow light to enter the shower, and allow a viewer from the outside to detect movement in the shower. The glass blocks, however, distort the image so much that her neighbors don’t realize what they’re seeing. Ah yes, a twist on the oft-quoted phrase about “living in a glass house.”

Do We Live Next Door to a Glass House?

Has it ever occurred to any of us that we might have detected movement on the other side of the glass wall? Was it our imagination, or is something really there?

In one sense it is so near, yet so very far. How can we get to the other side of the wall? We have heard rumors, but surely they are just fantasies. No sensible person would believe such rumors. Do you not agree?

Undoubtedly we have been seeing reflections, shadows, a playing of the light on the edges of our known reality.Only a child would imagine otherwise.

The Edge of the Earth

As any wise person would once tell you, “Don’t venture too near the edge of the earth, for you may fall off.” One should stick to known regions to explore.

Would that advice not also apply to exploring what lies on the other side of the glass wall? Of course it would, but then there are those who are very adventurous.

The problem remains, however, as to how we propose to get to the other side of the glass wall. It seems impossible, at least in “this life.”

The Other Side of the Glass Wall

I invite you to join my friend and me as we tell her stories from the other side of the glass wall. Her stories fill thirteen books. The first seven tell of her adventures on the other side of the glass wall. The last six books are her backstory.

She has written the books over a period of years. However, she has asked for my assistance in editing and rewriting them. If all goes well, we will post one chapter each Monday and one each Thursday on her website.

We will join C.S. Lewis in hoping that you enjoy our holiday fiction. You dear reader must decide if any of my friend’s stories are anything more than holiday fiction.

Join us beginning today at What lies on the other side of the glass wall? Is it actually possible to journey there? Are we on the outside looking in, or on the inside wondering what lies beyond our little space? Can anyone tell us? Prepare for the unexpected. The very edge of the earth lies just ahead.

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