Did Jesus Work?

I know we all say Jesus was a carpenter, and we all assume he learned the trade from his father, Joseph. We also assume that he worked as a carpenter up until he began his three years of ministry at about the age of thirty.

But did he continue to work as a carpenter even after he began his ministry? We never read about him working in the Gospels (that I can recall). Luke 8:3 indicates that Jesus had some followers who “provided for him from their substance.” Does this mean that he lived off of the donations of benefactors?

I really wish Jesus had worked during his ministry. I also wish he had gotten married and had kids. Yes, I know that this would have created lots of problems for the future of the church, especially in regard to leadership. But it would have given us married, working fathers who also want to teach a good model to follow. Jesus doesn’t fit. 

I would really like to see in Scripture, especially in the New Testament, an example of someone who was “successful” in a teaching ministry, who also had a full-time job, was married, and had children.

Can you think of one? Peter, you say? No, he left his work to follow Jesus. Also, we don’t know if he had children. John? Information is too limited. Luke? He was a physician, but was he married? Did he have kids? Paul, at least, worked to pay his way for ministry. But he wasn’t married and didn’t have children.

I really, really wish there were some good biblical models. Can anybody help me out? I am looking for a man in the Bible who:

  1. Has a teaching ministry
  2. Has a clearly defined, regular job
  3. Is married
  4. Has kids

Kings don’t count. I know that being a king is a job, but… come on… being a king is not a “regular” job. Moses might come close, but what was his job? And I’m not sure his marriage and family went so well (that’s a study for another time). Abraham might be a candidate, but what was his “teaching” ministry? Maybe one or two of the Prophets? I wish I knew more about their lives.

Can anyone help me out?

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