Listen to the Drew Marshall Show Today

Drew MarshallI’m on the Drew Marshall show today. Around 11:00 Pacific. You can listen live!

Philip Yancey is the special guest, along with recording artist Jon Brooks, and you don’t want to miss all the other Drew Marshall “autodidact iconoclast” antics. I will be interviewed in the “God blogger” segment of the show. Should be fun!

And hey, the Drew Marshall show is great! It is Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was North America’s most listened to spiritual talk show. I mean, do you know of another spiritual talk show? I don’t. 

If you cannot make it, the shows are recorded and are posted later. I will provide the link then. 

UPDATE: The Drew Marshall interview went well. There was even a joke about masturbation… Yeah, that’s the Drew Marshall Show… gotta love it! You can listen the interview here.

Here are the links we discussed on the show:

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  1. David Bolton says

    Love Drew Marshall! I was just listening to an interview he did in 2006 with Steve Mason of Jars of Clay last night while at work. Great inteview! I look forward to hearing your piece! Heading there now.

    • says

      I look forward to hearing it also. Ha! My wife asked me afterwards… “So what did you talk about? What did he ask? What did you say?” I remembered bits and pieces, but most of it was just a big blank space in my mind….

  2. Sam says

    Jeremy, you did great! Did you get to wait in the green room with
    Philip Yancey? You were in good company. Last week’s God Blogger was Ann Voskamp,
    who was #1 on your 100 Top Christian Blogs list.

    The show
    will be available on Drew’s website for those who missed it (minus the
    commercials) later in the week (usually no later than Friday), and
    forever thereafter.

    • says

      Yeah, the green room called my home office!

      Thanks for the encouragement (in so many ways) on this interview. I will add a link to the page on Drew Marshall’s website when it puts up the audio.

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