Going Door to Door for Jesus

Door to door evangelism may be one of the most ineffective ways of evangelism. I have written about this before.

So I laughed when I saw this picture online:

Door to Door Evangelism

I want one of these! Of course, in some instances, I don’t mind when people knock on doors.

Yes, I know that God can use all sorts of methods to bring people into the Kingdom, but as this sign shows, door to door evangelists are lumped together in most people’s minds with door to door salesmen and door-knocking politicians. Nobody likes these last two categories of people knocking on our doors, so why do we want to present Jesus to people in a way that is inherently negative?

If we are want to share Jesus with others, there are better ways to show the love of Jesus than knocking on people’s doors.

Let us not try to annoy people into the kingdom, but love them into the kingdom instead. You can tweet that if you like…

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