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  1. says

    I’m on Feedly now too. I can’t say I like it more than Google, but it does well enough. My main complaint with Feedly is that it messes up the formatting. Google kept posts looking pretty similar to the originals. Oh well.

    • says

      Hmmm. I have not noticed this…. the posts look exactly the way they do on the blog. Your posts too…. I am using the web version. Are you on a mobile app or something?

      • says

        Hmm, that is odd. I am using the web version primarily.

        For me, all the text is forced by Feedly into the same size and font, regardless of the formatting of the original. All links are green. And all images are shown at their full size, regardless of the scaled size set by the original.

  2. Gottardo says

    Feedly is cool as long as you’re online. With NewsRob I was able to read this and other blogs offine, but without Google Reader NewsRob seems to be dead. So, still looking for the perfect alternative …

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