My Wife Rescued Christmas

Wendy MyersI heard of a woman today who got attacked by a dog, climbed a telephone pole, fell out of a tree, was yelled at by a police officer on a 911 call, got patched in to the State Police in New York, was almost arrested and sent to jail, trespassed on several people’s property, hurtled fences and hedges in a mad dash through a neighborhood, and even convinced a former mayor of our town to call in some favors to the local power company.

It sounds like a crazy plot out of some action movie, but it is just another day in the life of Wendy Myers…whom I am proud to call my wife!

What was she trying to do?

Rescue a cat named Christmas.

ChristmasYes, he is our cat. We got him for our girls at Christmas. He has been missing for four days, and Wendy found him perched 30 feet up in the air on a telephone pole, and… well, take all the events I described above and fit them together into some sort of story (any crazy story will do) and you pretty much have what happened today as she tried to rescue Christmas.

So one thing is for sure: today my wife is the talk of the town! And after the events of today, I would not at all be surprised if the police show up at our house to give her a stern lecture. Of course, she will probably lecture him right back. But that’s my Wendy!

I love you, Wendy! Never change.

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