Sermons on Psalms

This page contains sermons I taught from the Book of Psalms while I was a pastor in 2000-2008. Click here for other sermons.

Note that some aspects of my theology have changed since I taught these studies. See my blog series on theology for more about these changes.

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Sermons on the Psalms


  1. Delaine says

    I am lost….as I write these words, I can not believe I am even admitting this…I am a child of GOD and I know where I am going after my heart quits beating….until then, I am lost – I quit a job that I hated…..drama, mean power struggling co-workers….just was not worth the effort – saved some money and just QUIT!! I know, that was foolish – I just could not take one more day….what was the sense? I just pray that GOD will answer my prayers and bring purpose into my senseless being…

    • says


      While I cannot claim to know exactly what you are going through, I do have some experience with being lost and seeking God’s purpose. I also know that Jeremy has there himself as well. I cannot give you some magic formula that will allow you to suddenly find purpose or meaning. I also will not attempt to give you some Christian pladitude that will cheer you up. I can say that I rejoice in hearing that you have no doubts that you will be with Christ in the end. All I can say is to cling to that security, and keep seeking to know God more. He truly is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, and He will not withold any good thing from those who ask. Keep seeking and asking and clinging to the few things that you know are true.

      Pastor FedEx,
      Men of Praise Motorcycle Ministry

    • says

      I agree with what FedEx said. Losing a job is very tough, and I have been there. It seems as if your whole world fell apart, and there is no certainty about the future.

      Are you part of a group of other believers who might be able to support you in your time of need, and maybe even provide you with some leads for other jobs?


    i am sinner who have sin so manytimes will i be forgiven or not
    and also i dont know what to do in this life that i am but goes to church what am i suppose to do now.

    • says


      You could read and study your Bible with a few friends, go find some people in town or your neighborhood to serve, and make sure you let God know that you love Him and want Him to work through you.

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