The Gays are Not to Blame

blame the gaysI can already hear what the television pastors and radio preachers are going to say when the next big catastrophe hits America:

This [fill in the blank] happened because of the Supreme Court decision about gay marriage….

Can’t you hear it? Maybe the heat wave spreading across America will get blamed on the gays. If there is another hurricane in Oklahoma, or maybe if an earthquake hits California, or if the stock market crashes… we know who to blame – the gays!

The sermon will go something like this:

This nation has turned it’s back on GOD… and so GOD is turning his back on US! When we allow gays to get married, it is an ABOMINATION to the LORD!!! God sent this [fill in the blank catastrophe here] to warn us that if we don’t return to God, he will send more death and destruction upon us all until our nation is no more!

Look, I frankly don’t really care what you believe about homosexuality, whether it is a sin or not, please, please, please, PLEASE don’t blame gay people for the bad things that happen to our country.

Not that we should be blaming anybody, but I have said it before, and I will say it again, if anyone is to blame for the state of our country, it is church people not gay people.

If anyone is at fault, the church is at fault because we have not loved enough, forgave enough, and presented a vision of God that is compelling enough for people to want to love, serve, and follow Him. God doesn’t get people to follow Him by bashing them over the head and forcing them into obedience. He gets people to follow Him by overwhelming them with His love and grace. Let us Christians start doing the same.

So when the next disaster occurs, let’s not point the finger at anyone unless we point it at ourselves.

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