Pastor Throws a Hissy Fit

Have you ever been in a church where the pastor throws a hissy fit? It is not a pretty sight.

I threw one once in the first church I pastored… I call it my “Dead Plant” sermon. But that’s a story for another day. Also, I don’t think it was as bad as the tirade by Dr. Jim Standrish in the following video.

The saddest part of the video might be when pastor Jim Standrish, at the end of his tirade against the poor people in his church says, “I really feel good now.”

Yeah, and your whole congregation feels like crap.

I know that not all pastors are like this… most are not like this. At least, not in the pulpit…

But look, here’s the thing about pastoral ministry… it gives a man (or a small group of men) a whole bunch of power they should never be given. And sometimes this power goes to the head.

When people don’t pay attention, those in power get offended. When people don’t obey, those in power get angry. When people don’t support the leaders, those in power lash out.

Though I said the saddest part of the video is when the pastor said he feels good at the end, I think maybe the even sadder part is right at about 4:00 where he says, “If you loved me, and you submitted to me, you’d know what my heart is, and my message is, and you wouldn’t go about establishing your own kingdom…”

The implication is that the pastor has his own kingdom, and some of the people in the church are not helping him build it. But if they would just love the pastor and submit to him, then all would be well.

Jim Standridge

Last I checked, it is the Kingdom of God we are to be building, not the kingdom of a pastor or a church, and we build this Kingdom by submitting to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Head of the church.

Anyway, my heart aches for the people in this man’s church. I wish they could see the spiritual abuse that is being heaped upon them and leave this church to find real freedom and love in Jesus Christ.

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