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I used to be a pastor. Maybe some day I will be again…

Either way, I wanted to make some of my old sermons available to you. Click on the links below for the sermon series you would like to read. Several of the sermons even have accompanying audio!

And one other thing… my theology has changed a lot since I preached these sermons (which is one reason I am not a pastor today…), and so if you read something that contradicts something I wrote elsewhere on this site, just grin and enjoy it. Who knows? Maybe you will agree with the “Old Me” more than the “New Me”!  See my blog series on theology for more.

Genesis – Sermons on the Book of Genesis.

Esther – Sermon on the Book of Esther.

Psalms – Sermons from the Psalms

Jonah – Sermons on the Book of Jonah.
See also Commentary Posts on Jonah

Matthew – Sermons from the Gospel of Matthew.

Luke – Sermons from the Gospel of Luke.
See also Commentary Posts on the Gospel of Luke.

Romans – Sermons and studies on Paul’s Letter to the Romans

EphesiansSermons on the Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians

HebrewsSermons on the Letter to the Hebrews

JamesSermons on the Letter of James

Miscellaneous – Sermons on Miscellaneous Scripture texts and topics.



  1. mark says

    I have a question regarding sin, when God created the angels did he create them with sin in them and did he create humans in the same fashion as them, that is to say how did sin come to them if God said that His creation was good?

    • says

      No, God did not create angels with sin in them, nor humans. Sin came about because God gave to angels and humans the wonderful gift of freedom. God did not create us to be robots, but gave us some of His own freedom so that we could make genuine choices to love and serve Him. Of course, with that freedom comes the risk of using it to choose things that are contrary to God’s will. That is where sin came from.

  2. Elder E.B. Olatunji says

    I love the word of God, and Imeet you for the first time. I will appreciate if I can get some of your sermon been send to me, thanks.

  3. Debra Ledford says


    Was thrilled to find your blog. You might remember me with the last name Egleston. I have often wondered what you and Wendy were up to now. I am looking forward to reading some of your books. I understand exactly what you are about now and quite honestly, happy to hear it. I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at my e-mail.


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