Sermons on Matthew

Sermons on MatthewThis page contains sermons on Matthew I taught while I was a pastor in 2000-2005. Also, all those marked “Newsletter” are from a mailing list newsletter I sent out back in 2006.

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Note that some aspects of my theology have changed since I taught these studies. See my blog series on theology for more.

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  1. Christine says

    Hi Jeremy,
    I was wondering if you had a sermon or notes on Matthew 21 verses 18 to 22.
    We are looking at these verses in a home group and would appreciate what you think Jesus is saying here for our lives today.
    I am asking you because I have used some of your sermons for a booklet I was asked to make for children 9 to 12, who had just become new Christians. I found them to be real and down to earth. Easy to read and understand.
    I would appreciate any input you may have on these verses.
    PS Are you married to Joyce?

    • says


      I am sorry, I do not have a sermon on that text (yet).

      No, I have no relation to Joyce. She does not know I exist! Ha. I think she spells her last name differently as well…

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