What is the Crown of Life?

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I just finished reading your article on Yeshua drinking the bitter cup. I am just amazed at this view. I was searching for what it meant because a few years back I was told to drink a bitter cup. All I know is I have never felt lost until that time. To drink the dregs of it is a horrible thing, and all I had was a taste. But Jesus drank the dregs for us! I am still stunned at what you have shown. Your article makes me appreciate even more what He has done for us. It makes perfect sense to me.

I would like to ask you if you have written anything on the crown of life? After all this incident, I was told on April 19, 2010, that I had made it through my tribulation and received the crown of life. Can you help explain what this means?

First, thank you for the encouragement about the article where Jesus prayed to “Let this cup pass.” I must give credit to one of my seminary professors for that view.

From your question, it sounds like maybe you are attending a church or Bible study that gives prophetic “Words of knowledge” to its members. Is that true? Be careful about what people tell you through these “words of knowledge.” My experience is that usually the messages they give are designed to control you and instill fear in you, rather than help or encourage. In the case of the two things you were told, it looks like someone quoted some poorly-misunderstood Bible passages at you, and then misapplied them to your life so that you lived in fear.

Remember, God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-discipline (2 Tim 1:7). If a message comes “by the Spirit” and results in you feeling lost and fearing for your life, it is not likely a message that originated with God.

The Crown of Life

So what about the Crown of Life?

laurel crownThere are five crowns mentioned in Scripture. They are the Everlasting Crown (1 Cor 9:25), the Crown for the One who Wins Souls (Php 4:1; 1 Thess 2:19), the Crown of Righteousness (2 Tim 4:8), the Crown of Glory (1 Pet 5:4), and the Crown of Life (Jas 1:12; Rev 2:10).

Part of the difficulty with these crowns is that most cultures today do not use crowns, and those that do reserve the crowns for royalty. But the word used for “crown” is stephanos, which can also refer to a “reward” or “laurel wreath.” In the original Greek Olympics, the winner of the sporting contests was awarded the stephanos, a laurel crown.

So each of the crowns mentioned above represents a reward for some particular special act of service or perseverance within the Kingdom of God. By all appearances, the crowns will be some sort of actual reward handed out to believers when Jesus returns again in the future. This will be at the Bema — the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Each of the five crowns deserves its own study, but let me just focus on the Crown of Life.

The Crown of Life is NOT Eternal Life

James 1:12 and Revelation 2:10 indicate that the Crown of Life is for those who persevere in faith through temptation, tribulation, and persecution. This is probably what the person meant who told you that you had made it through your tribulation and had received the crown of life.

Some people wrongly teach, however, that if you fail to persevere in faith through temptation, tribulation, or persecution, that you prove you do not have life, or that God will take away your life. This is not true. Eternal life is a free gift to everyone and anyone who believes in Jesus for it. You do not have to work your way to eternal life. Eternal life cannot be earned or kept by good works. The Crown of Life, however, is a reward for special acts of service and perseverance under trial. The Crown of Life is special reward for a special act of service and dedication to the King.

So if you are experiencing severe temptation, trials, or persecution, be encouraged and persevere through them. Just as a runner perseveres through the difficulties of the race so that he might reach the finish line and receive the reward, so also Jesus is waiting to put the Crown of Life upon your head when you reach the finish line after persevering through pain, trials, and persecution. It will probably not be an actual crown or ring of leaves, but will be some sort of special blessing, honor, privilege, or recognition in the future, eternal reign of Jesus.

By offering this Crown, Jesus is encouraging us to stay strong, keep the course, and remain faithful.

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  1. Hezekiah Aduroja says

    Please, is there any scriptural reference to back up the claim that Jesus Christ attended a school as a young boy/man before starting his ministry?God bless.

    • says

      No. There is no Bible verse that proves this. But then, there is no Bible verse that proves that Jesus ate breakfast while he was growing up, or had to learn to use a hammer, or fell down when he was learning to walk. But clearly, he did these things like any other Jewish boy. And just as all Jewish boys attended Torah classes, we can believe Jesus did too.

  2. Metcalfe says

    Thank you for being plain with your answers. I just wanted to say that I was given a vision once, years ago when living through depression and unusual hardships. The vision was of myself in heaven and I wore a crown made up of leaves, roses and lilies. I wondered if God gave me that as an encouragement to go on. I cannot put into words the suffering of denying your own emotions for the good of others.

  3. Paulina says

    There might be someone who when through this and need help. I have had an experience where God crown me with the Crown of Life and I wasn’t a sleep. I just want to say that it is possible for God to crown us in this life it is not only on the judgement seat.

  4. Daneille says

    Thank you, your insight has encouraged me today. I guess it is not for us to know exactly what the crown of life is, but trust that God is giving us something good and a reward to anticipate at the end of a trial, should we persevere. God knows we need something to hold on to when going through a trial. Thanks again!

  5. Seksanh says

    I was raised a Buddhist up until 2012. That’s when my wife took me to a Catholic Church, the first time I went I accidentally ate the body of Christ and then started to believe jesus died for my sins. Days goes by then I start to feel what seems to be a crown forming on my head, it feels as if my hair was sticking up but I’ve always had my head shaved so I knew it wasn’t that. I could also feel wings on my back. One morning I was making a omelette and I cracked one egg and it was normal but when I picked up a second egg it made a thump noise. I cracked that egg into a separate bowl but the yoke was swirly. One night I was smoking a cigarette outside my apartment then neighbor usually lets her dog out to use the restroom. That night was different when the dog was coming back I see this wind blowing through the leaves on the ground in a straight line heading towards me next to the dog. The dog stops with one paw in the air and paused for a minute he then bows his head then started to whimper on his way back home. Two days goes by and I get a knock on my door I answered it and there was two men with a bible in their hand. They asked me what’s been going on with me, I told them I don’t know I feel like if I’m enlighten. One of the men started to give tears. They began to tell me that the Holy Spirit is in me. They told me that I’m suppose to read the gospels and New Testament. They said that jesus is gathering his disciples and apostles right now. At the time I didn’t know what the Holy Spirit is or a apostle. After that they left. One night I was in my living room and outside my window I hear a loud booming voice in the sky saying ” azal”. I later found out that that azal is a ancient biblical word meaning to flee. I didn’t know what it meant until it was too late for me. The next day I call my father and told him I could feel a crown on my head and wings on my back. He hop in his car right away and drove to my apartment. As he was walking up to my apartment he had flowers in his hand and a bucket of water and started splashing the water on me. He told me to sit down then I sat down and he had a lit candle in his hand and puts the candle in his mouth then utters some words then blew the smoke to me. All of a sudden I feel the crown drop and rainbows leaving me with my eyes closed. He then later told me he did black magic on me. I was very upset because I did t know what just happened. Three days goes by then I hear a sinister voice say “kill”. I imaged it was the devils voice. A year and a half goes by and I went back to church and apologized to god and jesus for letting my father do black magic on me. Then as I was driving back home on the road I feel tingling on my forehead then all of a sudden I feel flames shooting out my head. I asked a catholic Chaplin what it meant and he said it was a presence of god. So I don’t know if god forgave me. This year I signed up for rcia classes to get baptized in so hoping that I can fix my crown again. So if anyone can help me I’m not sure if god will give me a crown again I feel the crown is still trying to form but it’s having a hard time. Thank you for listening to me. This is a cry for help.

    • Jacy says

      My dear friend, I can feel that you are unsure about your salvation and feel uncertain about God’s forgiveness towards you. The enemy is clever at making us doubt… he has tried so many times with me. However, whenever we make a mistake, we can turn to our Heavenly Father, and repent from our sins. He will forgive us!!! There is no need to go to a church for this. Just pray and say something like: Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your love and mercy, and grace. I thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to die for me and for making me righteous by the blood that He shed for me. Thank You that in Him, I find healing, life, light, love, joy and peace. I repent from my sins and I ask for Your forgiveness. (You may also want to renounce any association with black magic – witchcraft, and practice of buddhism and ask God to deliver you from any demons that might be oppressing you, and ask God to break and remove any curses that was put on you and in your life. Ask God to wash you in the blood of Jesus and to renew your mind, to the mind of Christ Jesus. Once you ask Him all of that, ask the Holy Spirit to fill any areas in your body and life, where darkness used to reside, to be now filled with God’s presence. You may also want to forgive your father for having practiced this black magic on you. Bless him also. And finish your prayer, by thanking our Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen – Be blessed!!!!

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