I get Depressed on Facebook

I used to think it was just me. Then my wife got a Facebook account, and she complained of it too. Then I saw the little comic below, and realized that maybe it is a common occurrence.

facebook life

When I get onto Facebook, it seems that everybody else’s life is full of vacations, parties, promotions, happy children, perfect marriages, and people who are “happy happy happy all the time.”

Since my life isn’t like that at all, I stopped getting on Facebook. It was too depressing.

So if you want to “Like” me on Facebook, I promise not to tell you how grand my life is. You will mostly just get updates about my blog. If you haven’t already, please “Like” me below!


This post is part of the March Synchroblog. It is on the subject of “New Life” and while I thought about writing something serious and theological, I decided to do this more “lighthearted” post. Why? Laughter and humor should central aspects of our new life in Christ. I am generally pretty serious, but am learning to loosen up and laugh more in life.

Here are the other contributors to this month’s synchroblog:

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  1. Jeremy Myers says

    That’s true. Too much drama isn’t good either.

    BTW, I was out weeding my wife’s flower garden yesterday and told my daughters what you once told me: “There’s no such thing as a weed; only unwanted flowers.”

    • Mark Brown says

      What?! Ya’ll are already working in the flower beds?

      We’d break our planting trowels, hoes, and spades on our frozen earth up here in central Alberta.
      Actually we still had snow yesterday; and on Sunday the boys and I spread the big pile on our basketball pad out… so it might melt faster (and more evenly).

      Ah, it all adds to the reason why we love Spring so much! It’s why we’re so thankful when it comes; and we certainly don’t take it for granted. 😉

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the loose earth already though.

  2. says

    Oh So True…
    It seems Facebook has become the diary for many people, though, and they don’t comprehend that hundreds if not thousands are reading their statuses and posts (especially teens/preteens).

    I think that, like with anything, it can be used to God’s Glory…Often NOT, but could be!!!

  3. MarkR says

    Couldnt agree more. What’s missing from all social media is body language, facial expression and the nuances that make relationships so much more than the written word. What so frequently happens with me on facebook is I express some opinion or view that doesnt match the sunny disposition of others and I feel isolated and odd. What I dislike is the experience of being in a world that isnt all that real and judging my insides by others outsides (my issue)- same with TV I suppose. Real life on the ground is much more interesting.

  4. Will Rochow says

    Reminds me of something my Dad used to say. He would say, “If you don’t know the difference between the flower and the weed, pull everything up. What comes back is the weed.”

  5. Soli Deo Gloria says

    I was on Facebook once. Two weeks was all it took before I realized how unhealthy it was, deleted my account and haven’t been back (this was about 5 years ago). Many studies have been done and they all reached the same conclusion — steady FB users fall into two distinct categories: shut-ins (elderly and other home-bound people) and narcissists.

  6. Wendy says

    I use Facebook as a challenge sometimes. I used to always find myself getting jealous of friend’s lives and crabby about my life compared to my friends lives. One day somehow God got through my thick skull and showed my I was wrong. That I should be happy for my friends when good things happen to them, even if I don’t have anything happening. I should be encouraging, without being indulgent, to the drama queens and kings.
    Sometimes It still frustrates me makes me jealous, angry, sad sometimes but (for me anyway, maybe not for everyone e) that usually signifies I am slacking in my walk. I know that’s not true of everyone, but that’s what was what I was supposed to learn. That when good fortune falls on friends and families I need to genuinely celebrate with them. It’s impossible to do consistently by myself but God is showing me how to be joyful for others as if it were my own good fortune. It’s making me be a little nicer one status update at a time. And that’s a good thing because I find it carries into all parts of my life in many ways.

    That’s my two cents on the subject it took a long time for me to see this, but I am glad God was patient with me cause I can be really stubborn

    • says

      Yes, I suppose it is a bad attitude on my part too. I admit jealousy and covetousness creeps in sometimes. You are right that I just need to be happy for them. Thanks for the healthy reminder.

  7. Clive Clifton says

    Ugh never been on it, don’t want to go on it, know many who hate it but yet addicted to it, know those who have come off it and who’s ‘friends’ think that they are weird for coming off. I know of those who have committed suicide because of nasty vindictive remarks against them for no other reason that they can. They reason for many people going on face book is because they are lonely and shy and are desperate to make friends.

    I know those who have been divorced by silly remarks about their partner to people who they have had a face book relationship and those who have had a real sexual relationship with someone else’s partner.

    Those I have read are all pretty petty, sad, vindictive, naive, self opinionated, scandal mongers and down right rude. I respectfully suggest making a really hard decision to make a face to face with a real genuine caring human being who is courageous. Face book allows ordinary good people to write things down about others that they would not say to their face, they are cowards like all bullies.

    Does it sound like I have a real issue with face book. Friends suggest I need to “get a life” and subscribe to twitter, as it’s far safer, note they don’t say Safe which implies it’s the best of two evils.

    Misunderstandings cause anger to rise in every human being resulting in separation. We all need human contact otherwise breakdown in the least insignificant communication will occur. Neighbors stop speaking, anger ensues. Partners, Regions, Countries, Nations, all start to condemn and make up reasons to fear and hate. Look at All the wars, how did they start.

    At primary school you can hear the war cry go up, “give it back or I’ll tell or hit or kill you” Others say I’ll get my dad on to you” “my dads bigger that your dad”. Have you seen parents swearing, shouting and fighting one another at the school sports day.

    Even God found it necessary to say to us “come let us settle the matter” thats about talking, communicating (listening and hearing) and negotiating how we live in harmony, preferring the other person where no one is minimalised so all are free.

    • says

      yes, many are addicted to FB. Can’t go 5 minutes without checking to see if there are any updates. Ironically, connecting with others on FB and Twitter often keeps people from connecting with real people right in front of them.

  8. Ward Kelly says

    I use facebook to share Christ, and my faith to both friends and family. Like any tool of communication it has its downside…

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