I’m Ashamed to be a Christian

Ashamed to be a ChristianSome days, I’m ashamed to be a Christian.

Today is one of those days.

I want to issue a public apology to all people everywhere who were ever hurt, slandered, abused, or hated in the name of Christ.

I am sorry for what has been done in the name of Jesus.

Ashamed to be a Christian

The reason I am ashamed to be a Christian today is because of a website I ran across which is solely dedicated to spreading the terrible idea that the God of the Bible hates everybody.

The site is so mean and hurtful and angry, I kept wondering if it was just a terrible, horrible, awful joke. I am not going to post the site, because I don’t want anybody to go to it. It is the most despicable, hateful, hurtful, angry, website I have ever come across, and it is all run by “Christians” who claim to be working for “the Gospel.”

One entire section of the site is geared toward helping Christians gather and picket people and businesses with signs that say “God hates _______ (fill in the blank).” I am astounded at the people and places they are planning on picketing, and the way they do it is despicable. They call such events “Picket Crusades.” It’s very reminiscent of the actual Crusades, except that swords and horses have been swapped out for signs and bullhorns.

Personally, I think God hates “Christians” who proclaim hate in the name of God.

Maybe some of us other Christians should get a group together and go picket these picketers. We could write signs that say “God hates people who make signs that say ‘God hates _____ (fill in the blank).'” I’m jesting, but that would be quite a circus.

When people go out in the name of Jesus to do such things, it makes me ashamed to be a Christian, or at least, ashamed to call myself a Christian.

I am Not Ashamed of Christ

Though I may be ashamed to be a Christian when so-called Christians proclaim hate in the name of Christ, I am not ashamed to associate myself with Jesus Christ.

Such hateful behaviors and actions have nothing to do with Jesus, look nothing like Jesus, and are not at all what Jesus taught or wanted His followers to do.

The truth is that while I feel very sorry for what has been done in the name of Jesus, I also feel very sorry for the people who do it. What is going on in their lives, hearts, and minds to cause them to say and do such things? I feel awful that they think this is the way God is. I wonder what can be done to show them the true love and grace of God?

Anybody want to start a ministry focused on reaching Christian picketers?

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