I’m Ashamed to be a Christian

Ashamed to be a ChristianSome days, I’m ashamed to be a Christian.

Today is one of those days.

I want to issue a public apology to all people everywhere who were ever hurt, slandered, abused, or hated in the name of Christ.

I am sorry for what has been done in the name of Jesus.

Ashamed to be a Christian

The reason I am ashamed to be a Christian today is because of a website I ran across which is solely dedicated to spreading the terrible idea that the God of the Bible hates everybody.

The site is so mean and hurtful and angry, I kept wondering if it was just a terrible, horrible, awful joke. I am not going to post the site, because I don’t want anybody to go to it. It is the most despicable, hateful, hurtful, angry, website I have ever come across, and it is all run by “Christians” who claim to be working for “the Gospel.”

One entire section of the site is geared toward helping Christians gather and picket people and businesses with signs that say “God hates _______ (fill in the blank).” I am astounded at the people and places they are planning on picketing, and the way they do it is despicable. They call such events “Picket Crusades.” It’s very reminiscent of the actual Crusades, except that swords and horses have been swapped out for signs and bullhorns.

Personally, I think God hates “Christians” who proclaim hate in the name of God.

Maybe some of us other Christians should get a group together and go picket these picketers. We could write signs that say “God hates people who make signs that say ‘God hates _____ (fill in the blank).'” I’m jesting, but that would be quite a circus.

When people go out in the name of Jesus to do such things, it makes me ashamed to be a Christian, or at least, ashamed to call myself a Christian.

I am Not Ashamed of Christ

Though I may be ashamed to be a Christian when so-called Christians proclaim hate in the name of Christ, I am not ashamed to associate myself with Jesus Christ.

Such hateful behaviors and actions have nothing to do with Jesus, look nothing like Jesus, and are not at all what Jesus taught or wanted His followers to do.

The truth is that while I feel very sorry for what has been done in the name of Jesus, I also feel very sorry for the people who do it. What is going on in their lives, hearts, and minds to cause them to say and do such things? I feel awful that they think this is the way God is. I wonder what can be done to show them the true love and grace of God?

Anybody want to start a ministry focused on reaching Christian picketers?

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  1. says


    First let me say that I love the name Christian and am not ashamed of it. Everyday of my life. I pray that you will see that it is a cherished name that is trying to be perverted from many differant angles. Satan hates the name.

    Have you ever read the book ZVI, about a Jew who became a believer after the Holocaust and how all his Jewish brethren began to treat him with contempt once he became a Christian asking him how he could betray their nation and becoming part of a group of people that persecuted them in the holocaust. Hitler was Roman Catholic and many Nazi’s considered themselves Christian in heritage as he did.

    This is all part of the package Jeremy. Jesus had to face the same false accusations and try to do good and bless in spite of being considered part of a motley crue of former theives, terrorists, crude fisherman and tax collectors in whom He was moulding into His image. He was not ashamed to receive us…I pray you will take back being ashamed of Him.

    Encouraging you to lay down at the cross and stay there long enough to let God forgive you and forgive others as I heard one brother put it,


  2. bullet says

    I’m assuming you’re talking about the WBC. I hope you are; I’d hate to think ANOTHER group had taken up the cause of these ridiculous and, quite frankly, insane zealots. They are undeserving of notice or attention, much less worry and despair.

  3. says


    I never said I was ashamed of Christ. I am proud of Him and my connection to Him. Proud and honored.

    What I am ashamed of is people who also claim His name as I do, but bring shame to His name. I think Jesus is ashamed of them too. It is despicable what some people do “for the sake of the Gospel” and “to advance the kingdom.” Such behavior is the greatest perversion of the name “Christian” that there is.

    And are you really saying that what Hitler did is “all part of the package”? I hope I am reading your comment incorrectly.

  4. says


    Yeah, that’s them. I don’t know where I’ve been for ten years, but only found out about them yesterday. I guess if everybody knows about them, and just ignores them as insane zealots, then that helps a little bit. Still, it is crazy to see the wackos that are out there.

  5. says

    No…Hitler was not truly a Christian as far as I know, but he had the same need we do. Jesus died for sinners in whom I am cheif and Saul being a murder like Hitler was to the Jews but instead to Christians did convert, but Christians still feared him for a while. I just do not think God hates some of these people. He died for them as well and is working to bring about salvation to us. The son of Sam is now a Christian.

    Hitler could have received forgiveness if He trusted Christ in the final hour. The thief on the cross may have been a part of a revolution trying to overthrow the Roman Empire. Many of them were trying to revolutionize.

    The Crusades started with a noble end to rescue those Christians being held by Muslims and it went south.

    I am not ashamed to be called a Christian and bear the name of Christ. Satan hates Christ and his name and seeks to pervert it in any fashion possible.

  6. Jennifer says

    I completely agree with your statement. I also spent a considerable amount of time on their website and found myself angery, confused, and perhaps almost obsessed with trying to understand their logic. The targeting of military funerals I also found very disturbing (partially because I have a spouse in the armed forces). What I always have to stop and remind myself, though, is how much Jesus loves those people. That is always what it comes down to. Every single person is a unique being and God cares beyond my comprehension for each one, despite the evil or misrepresentation of faith.

  7. Shawn Trumbo says

    The Westboro Baptist “church” is a cult that is mostly made up of one family and the few people they influence. It is amazing how easily satan can influence the societal view with one fringe group. That being said he is even more subtle than that. If He can get you to hate them He wins. Which I think is his ultimate goal. And of course to slander the name of Jesus. I watched an interview of these people and felt pain and sorrow for them and especially their young children. There but by the grace of God go I. Love your enemies, do good to those who curse you. Blessing and cursing should not come from the same mouth. They need to repent and believe the gospel.

    • says

      Yeah, that is the church I had in mind. They are old news now, of course. This post was from a few years ago. I like your approach. We are to love rather than hate.

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