Is there Fear in Faith?

fear in faith

I know that “there is no fear in love, for perfect love drives out fear” but is there “fear in faith”?

Some might say that “If you believe in God and believe that God is love, then you won’t be afraid to do what He asks.”

That sounds great, until God actually asks you to do something risky…

Then there is great quaking in the boots.

Have you ever experienced this, or is it just me? What has God asked you to do recently that caused great fear and took great risk?

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  1. says

    So true, mate. I find myself wavering between faith and doubt. There is a real tension between trusting God but not allowing myself to fall into the trap of worry. Moving to Brazil on a shoestring budget is a great way to build your faith!

  2. Grazer #E2H says

    What has God asked you to do recently that caused great fear and took great risk?

    This is going to sound very cliche but to trust him and trust myself; I like having some control but I’ve not always kept myself together.

    • says

      Hmm. Not cliche at all. That is probably the basic element of faith which we never really get past for our entire lives. We are always seeking to believe what God says and follow where He leads.

  3. Lilly May Hill says

    My piano playing is rudimentary. I felt embarrassed at my low skill level, but we had no one to play after we lost our piano player. I felt called to offer, so I play a few weeks with great dread each time. Soon, more talented players stepped up to play, much to my relief. I remembered my mother saying, “Sometimes , you just have to get the ball rolling.”

  4. says

    This is so timely. A few times in past years, I felt the nudge that God was calling me to do something beyond myself. Something beyond my acquired skills, experience and expertise or even to travel to an unknown, dangerous place. I hesitated many times and even begged God to close the door and choose someone else but His will always prevail in the end. Again, I am facing that just these few days ago. Today, I’m reminded of how David was chosen despite him being the youngest and a Shepherd boy. Who would have thought he will ever beat Goliath?

    We might not think we are capable but we can do all things through God who gives us strength no matter how risky, scary or overwhelming the task might seem. It is stated in In 1 Samuel 16:7,” …..The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

    I am in fact saying that to myself right now. Haha!

    • says

      Thanks, Angela.

      Yes, it seems God rarely calls us to places of safety and comfort, but instead, to dark and dangerous places, where we can bring God’s love and forgiveness.

  5. Clive Clifton says

    Over the last twelve months I can look back and feel it has been my greatest growth than the previous 32 years of being a Christian, yet I have never been more scared in terms of loosing my faith and God withdrawing His hand of protection and Holy Spirit from me.
    I have succumbed to temptation as I have tried to resist it in my own strength and had to crawl back to Him for forgiveness and start again.
    I hope I have finally learnt the lesson to trust Him more and me less, OK, not to trust myself at all.
    over that period I have not felt at all condemed as I know God trusted that we would come through together.
    when God calls my wife and I to do or go somewhere outside our comfort zones, we will be apprehensive but having experienced that He never calls us into mortal conflict, what would be the point, but into a place of victory. If we were to die, tough, but He is always faithful and keeos us close to His breast. Love Clive X

  6. Tanya says

    So the question- is there fear in faith? Quite bluntly, No
    Fear is opposite of faith. It’s what keeps us from being courageous and vulnerable and acting in faith. To me fear is the absence of or questioning of faith. It is what satan hopes we focus on. Check out the TED talk by Brene Brown on the power of vulnerability and her 2nd one on shame. It made me realize how paralizing fear is to my faith. I realized how small I unconsciously make God in my heart by allowing fear to keep me from Staying on mission. If I really trust God with everything then why am I afraid?
    The scene of the crime is in my mind.
    Now when I feel fear I can step back assess it and ask God what he wants. The fear either pops or deflates…. Note- I am not referring to health God given instinctual fear like -See gun RUN! But if it’s fear that holds me back from being on mission and growing in Christ each time I choose courage and to be vulnerable I learn more and grow to love God more in the end. And yes- even through the failures too.

    • says

      Thanks for weighing in, Tanya. I pretty much agree with you. We read in 1 John that perfect loves casts out fear. When we understand how much God loves us, we can know that He only has what is good for us, and so when He leads us in difficult directions, we can rest on His love without fear.

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