To Hell with the Church

Gates of HellChapter 15 in my book, Close Your Church for Good, is called “To Hell with the Church.”

No, I am not cursing the church.

Instead, I am calling the church to fulfill the mission and purpose given to it by Jesus Christ.

In Matthew 16, Jesus said that He would build His church, and the gates of hell would not prevail against it. This does not mean that the church is to huddle safely behind marble walls and stained glass cathedrals, as Satan tries to beat down our doors. Rather, it is the church which is to lay siege to the gates of hell.

Wherever Satan has his strongholds, we are to attack. But our enemy is not flesh and blood — we do not attack other people. No, people are the captives and the victims. People are the ones we are fighting for, as we try to rescue and deliver them from the clutches of evil.

So let us stop inviting people to church, and instead invite the church to hell. Let us go with Jesus, and batter down hell’s gates.

Please note that due to some of the feedback I receive on these posts, this chapter might be radically revised for the final edition of the book. These changes will only be available in the print or eBook version when it comes out.

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