How to Help Homeless People

How to Help Homeless People

There are homeless people all around us. We live near them, walk by them, and see them almost every day.

What can we do to help the homeless?

Sam Riviera has been loving and serving the homeless people in his area for many years. I have recently been trying to begin showing love and service to the homeless in my own area, and asked him for suggestions and advice. In response, he wrote a 7-part blog series which I will be posting over the next seven Mondays. I have been helped by reading these posts, and believe that if you want to learn how to reach out to the homeless in your area by meeting their needs and showing them the love of Jesus, I believe you will benefit from reading this series as well.

If you cannot remember to check back every Monday for the next few weeks so you read all seven of these posts, help yourself out by subscribing to this blog either by email or in an RSS reader. This way, you get a notification when the posts go up.

Blog Series on Helping Homeless People

The stories Sam shares are often heart-wrenching, but more than this, Sam’s deep love for Jesus and how he wants to share this love with those who rarely see it is truly beautiful.

If you have questions along the way about loving and serving the homeless, Sam is quite active in the comment section here, and will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Also, if it is needed, maybe at the end of the series I can get him to write an eight post with some of the top questions that people have about ministering to homeless people.

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