The Unforgivable Sin – You Have Not Committed It

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Unforgivable SinMost Christians have wondered at one time or another if they have committed the unforgivable sin. Have you? ⇦ Tweet that!

If this is your fear, be encouraged. You have not committed the unforgivable sin.

You are not eternally damned.

You are not forsaken by God.

You are not hated by God.

You are not outside the bounds of His love and grace.

Quite to the contrary, you are loved by God more than you possibly know.

You are forgiven. You are accepted. God loves you!

When I first became a pastor, the very first counseling session I had was with a member of my church who was afraid they had committed the unpardonable sin.

I had personally struggled with fear about this sin in my own life, but I sort of thought that I was alone in this struggle. As I talked with this church member, I clearly remember feeling a sense of relief that I was not alone in being afraid about this sin. There were two of us!

A month later, a high-school student in the church asked me about this sin. He was angry with God and said some things to God that he regretted. He wanted to know if he was now doomed to hell.

Then I received an email from a single mother in the church who had gotten pregnant out of wedlock. Twice. The first pregnancy had been aborted. Someone told her that she was now a murderer and God would never forgive her. She wanted to know if that was true.

I began to see that fear about committing a sin that God would never forgive was a common fear in the lives of other people. So I decided to preach a sermon about the Unpardonable Sin, and what I believed the Scriptures taught about God’s love and forgiveness for us – no matter what we say or do.

To this day, this sermon on the Unforgivable Sin is still my most popular sermon on this website, and I get weekly emails from people all over the world who are afraid they have committed the unforgivable sin and want to know if God still loves them and if there is hope for them.

I do not know if you struggle with fear about the unpardonable sin. But if not, I guarantee that you know people who do. They may not express this fear to you, but there are people in your life who have done something they fear God will never forgive.

If you are afraid you committed the unforgivable sin, I have created a short series of emails you can receive about this sin (You can sign up below).

These emails explain what this sin is (and is not) and how to know that you have not committed it.

Even if you do not personally struggle with fear about this sin, you might want to get these emails anyway, since you almost certainly will encounter somebody who is afraid of it, and it would be helpful for you to have a way to encourage them and give them hope about God’s love and forgiveness.

In this series of emails on the Unforgivable Sin, I show why you have not committed this sin, and you can know that you have not committed it.

If you struggle with fear about committing the unforgivable sin, this series of posts is for you. ⇦ Tweet that!

unforgivable sin

This series of posts begins by surveying the various views about the unforgivable sin, which is also called “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.” This survey includes an examination of Matthew 12:31-32 so that we can understand what Jesus meant when He talked about the unforgivable sin.

The most common theories about the unpardonable sin (also called the unforgivable sin) include the sins of adultery, divorce, murder, and even cursing the Holy Spirit. None of these are the unforgivable sin.

Not even suicide is the unforgivable sin.

While many churches and pastors teach that those who commit since like those listed above can never be forgiven, this series of posts reveals that all such sins are forgivable by God.

If you have committed adultery, you are forgiven!

If you got a divorce, you are forgiven!

If you had an abortion, you are forgiven!

If a friend of yours committed suicide, this does not mean they automatically went to hell.

If you are afraid that you blasphemed the Holy Spirit, do not worry — God has already forgiven you for whatever you said or whatever you did. ⇦ Tweet that!

Even if you cursed God, cursed the Holy Spirit, or said some terrible things to them, God still loves you and still forgives you.

Yes, it is true….There is a sin in the Bible which is “unpardonable.” Yes, the Bible talks about a sin which cannot be forgiven.

But there is so much bad teaching in the church about what this sin is, how it is committed, and whether or not there is hope for those who commit this sin, but you do not need to worry about committing it.

Some churches teach that there are seven unforgivable sins in the Bible, or that there is one thing you can say which will cause God to hate you forever, or that if you have done something terrible in your past there is no hope for your eternal soul.

All such teachings are unhealthy! They do not reflect the heart of God, His great love for you, or the infinite forgiveness He has provided to you in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

If there is a sin you have committed which you think is unforgivable, or which makes you think God does not love you, or makes you feel like you cannot be forgiven, do not worry any longer. This series of posts will give you hope for your future and reveal to you the infinite love, grace, and mercy of God for you.

In the end, you will learn that you have not committed the unforgivable sin.

Receive all my posts on the Unpardonable Sin by email!

There are about 20 of these posts, and you will receive one every two days. This will allow you to spend the next 40 days finding freedom from the fear of committing the unforgivable sin. The final email in this series will also contain a free PDF copy of my book on the Unforgivable Sin.

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  1. justwanttoknow says

    I ordered this book last week & looking forward to reading it, like you said there is so much teaching on this subject. I read a devotional on the subject last year & still battling the thoughts it caused me to have,

  2. h says

    If i said that blasphemy words that pharisees said due to fear of God or wrobg thoughts that comes to me can I still be forgiven, what if those thoughts are because of my anger of God or love of sin or unable to do huge vows, …etc.

    I love his forgiveness but when bad thoughts like pharisees words come to my mind I feel like I love them and always fail to reject them, even sometimes I speak them or have doubts, and I read a lot about this subject also I have some OCD signs. But I do this sin I think


    • says

      Yes, you can still be forgiven, and you ARE forgiven. People who commit the unpardonable sin (1) don’t think they committed it, (2) don’t care that they have committed it, and (3) don’t care about being forgiven.

      Since you are concerned about all these things, this is evidence that the Holy Spirit is at work upon your life, therefore, you have not committed this sin. God loves you more than you can imagine!

  3. Rudransh Saraf says

    I am doomed at 17th or 16th may i visited your website and i came to know about the unforgivible sin and i started abusing the holy spirit in my mind because i was temped and it was one of the worst slangs in the world and i continue it till now and i even confessed it with my mother but because i and my mother are not cristians but follow Hinduism so i told her that i was browsing the net and i saw somthing about the unforgivle sin and if you abuse souls you will commit it and wll not be forgiven and i started abusing it again and again in my mind bit my mother was asking me to tell whome to abuse but i din’t wanted her to go to hell so i did not tell her whome all these days i was able to regret properly and i told my mother about this she told me it is nothing like this then i asked her for a tecunice to forget it then she told me by medititaion but i skipped it and never did this and yesterday which was the 20th may i wanted to go to bathroom but i was busy speaking scilently but i wanted to go to the bathroom and i was telling my self in my mind that i should go to the wash room but i was speaking scilently(just moving my lips and i was thinking i hate you and then i imigened a soul and then as i went to the wash room and washed my self and then i tried repenting but i was able to repent as usual and i am not as scared as now when i am vewing the sites about this sin but i prayed to god for forgiveness and i was trying and i am tring to do the same thing again and again with out imaging any soul or spirit but it is not working hoow ever i was cauntiounus to confess to god and tell this to you so you tell me have i commited the unforgivle sin ad if i have then tell me is there a way to be forgiven because i don’t want to spend in hell forever please and also give me a tecunice to forget it and please do it fast becuse i am only a child(i am 11 years old ) please and i have left the website field blank because i don’t have any website and i have also suscribed for your ebooks and your news letter so also email me
    Thank You

  4. Rudransh Saraf says

    and also if i have and your answer is yes then if there is a way to get the holy spirit back then please tell me and also please pray for me for a few days and i also want to know that really is the unforgivable sin unforgivable and really i swear on my mother that i don’t want to go to hell forever and i am very scared of it please help me urgent and also i am sending a friend request to you on facebook and please accept it so that we can talk on this matter together and also i think you will like my page and i couldn’t sleep properly because of this and in my half sleep in my dreams i was just visiting your website and finding my comment missing and i as pleasing god and the holy spirit but as i was receiving my spirit again and again as i mentioned this in my previous comment i was abusing in my mind i couldn’t stop abusing and i have a very good mother she tried to wake me but i told her not to do and it was happening same things again and again and i told my mother again the half truth because i don’t want to break her heart and she told me that there is nothing like ghosts and they are making me fools(you all)and i am telling you honestly before this i irritate my mother a lot i just watch tv and surf the internet or play games in my pc and i eat and brush late and also don’t listen to my parents but after i saw your website i became obedient for a few days and again the same i am disobedient your webpage or article ruined my life but this is not your fault and now days i am buy searching about this topic and my father (Vivek Saraf) broke his hands on the 6th May while riding at a very high speed he normally don’t go at a very high speed but he had a very important work so whole he was riding a dog was running on the way and to save his life he gave a very hard brake and he with his nebiour fall down and got injuries in his legs and broke his hands and at first he walked with difficulty and then the local people helped him on his way and took him to the local hospital but the doctor told that we need to go to Kollkata(the capital of west bengal,India) and so he went with his loyal staff because he is a business man and in the hospital he got cured but he still have the fracture in his hands so i request you to pray for him and his negibour also and i will tell you the rest in facebook bye and sorry for spelling mistakes in my previous comments.

    • says


      I am not sure where to begin. You have not committed the unforgivable sin, and yet there appear to be some some serious spiritual and psychological issues going on in your spirit and soul.

      Ideally, it would be best for you and I to sit down for several hours at a time to talk, search the Scriptures, and pray. But that is not possible in this online setting.

      So here are my recommendations:

      1. Make sure you have believed in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life. That is, make sure you know that no matter what you do or say, think or feel, do in the future or have done in the past, that Jesus gives you eternal life as a completely free gift.

      2. Spend large amounts of time reading the Bible, especially the Gospels, so that you can get to know God the Father and Jesus Christ in new ways. Through the Scripture is one way that the Holy Spirit will begin to allow you to hear His voice and follow His leading, and He will also begin to filter your minds from some of these negative thoughts.

      3. Try, if possible, to find some other Christians with whom you can talk about these things without them condemning you for having these thoughts and feelings.

      4. You may want to seek some psychological help. Is there are counselor or psychologist that you can meet with and talk with? That might be a good idea as well.

  5. Rudransh Saraf says

    Yes i know two counsellors i told one of them about this and i want to know why Jesus Christ without any mercy sends that person to hell forever to suffer and never ever forgives them even though they didn’t commit any thing like murder and that also forever you can forgive that person went in minutes of that sin with in a snap of a finger then only why that sin why not give him another life in Earth after forgiving and punishing him for the rest of his sin it is said that god and Jesus Is very merciful then why he is giving such a life sentence that is much more worse than eternal nothingness and why doesn’t he punish Satun with eternal nothingness because i think most of the sins in Earth are committed because of him only?

  6. Rudransh Saraf says

    Dear Jeremy
    I want to know that we all know that god is very loving and forgiving he will forgive every sin except one and that is blasphemy against the holy spirit and god can even forgive murder then why not such a sin that can be forgiven with in half an hour by an average human then why the punishment is really much worse eternal damnation ? and why he doesn’t punish Satan because i believe most of our sins are committed because of him ?

    • says

      Satan is punished and will be punished.

      As for forgiveness, God forgives every sin. The sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, whatever it is, is not exactly about God not forgiving it, but about us refusing to accept God’s forgiveness and work in our life.

      This is why I always tell people that if they want to be forgiven by God, then they are! The only ones who might have committed the unforgivable sin are those who don’t care about receiving forgiveness from God.

  7. Rudransh Saraf says

    What if they are lectured and forced to ask for forgiveness and for example if i lie and completely forget about it then should i go to hell for eternity ? and i want to know why the punishment for this sin is so worse is this the mercy of god for non believers?

    • says


      It would probably help to not think of it as the punishment of God, but as a person’s choice to want nothing whatever to do with God… ever. God respects that choice, and leaves the person alone.

    • says

      Don’t think of it as punishment. It is not punishment. It is God allowing people to reject Him, if that is what they want to do. He does not force anyone to love Him. They cannot be forgiven, not because God hates them or wants to punish them (He doesn’t!), but because they refuse to love Him or be forgiven by Him.

  8. rudransh saraf says

    Ok but before a few days i saw in the info of the channel “two and a half men” that a person comes to know that another person has sold his soul to the devil.

    Is it possible and after reading about it i kept on thinking “i will sell to my soul for 20 carats get out shut up i will never ever sell my soul to you oh god please help me and this is continuing for a few days i am afraid that i have sold my sold to the devil have i please help and still i think god’s way of allowing others to hate him us much worse even you know and can easily think think about much better punishments like rebirth after being punished for all the sins in life and i am feeling put on the sin of those who committed the unforgiviable sin(the early 0th century priests
    )imagine them burning in hell fire till now for 2000 years hopelessly screaming to god for help i can’t belive the mercy of god are they forgiven even though commiting this sin keans going to hell for entinity thank you and congralutions i think the 7 year tribulation periodvis over in 18th century the great commect shooting and in 19th century the sun became dark for a day and moon was not visible on the earth but now satun has the domination over me those who don’t belive in jesus crist i used to belive in him but now after knowing a lot in science it is getting harharder to belive in him even though i know that he exsists and i only belived in him not that he died for me in the cross and also not for eternal life and i still sin as much as i used to before but only a little reduced and i didn’t accept satan as my master but what can i do because those who knowingly sin a lot and don’t belive in jesus christ has to accept satan as their master because he only teaches us that even though he is evil he gives us complete freedom but thr followers of jesus and god only have freedom because they can sin only with in a limit and no more but recive their reward after their life in heaven but the followers of satun have to go to hell butbi don’t want to go to hell and be ruled by the cruel tryant but still why didn’t god destroy satun long way before and i think it was also Adam and eve’s fault also they could have blamed satan and could have also get their punishment reduced but they didn’t and today we are seeing the result

    • says


      I am not at all sure what you are asking, but it sounds like you may have a lot of questions about the love, grace, and mercy of God. I suggest that you spend lots of time reading about Jesus in the Gospels. Try reading Luke and John to begin with. Really focus on how Jesus interacts with people whom the world considers “sinners.” You will see that you have nothing to fear from Jesus.

  9. rudransh saraf says

    Oh sorry can you delete all my comments of 5th june except first,last and second last and if possibe edit sentences in which i have written sorry,spellcheck and merge all my comments of 5 june i have just now came to know that there was some problems in settings if my browser that’s why my comments were being copied and i was having problems correcting spelling mistakes and so as a resilt hitting the post comment by mistake most if the time i was anle to stop it by pressing the x in my browser but some of the time i couldn’t thanks

  10. rudransh saraf says

    I am asking is it possible to sell your soul to the devil i before a few days in a program called two and a half men as i clicked the info button there was written that someone comes to know that he has sold his soul to the devil i don’t remember who and what was exackly wriyten but after a few hours of that i kept on imagining how devil looked like and then thinking ‘i will sell your soul for 20 carats mo no shut up i will never sell you my soul oh god please help me ‘ the thing i am scared of is that have i sold my soul to the devil have i ?

  11. Bridget Dico says

    I want to ask if bad thoughts against Jesus, god or Holy Spirit a unforgivable sin. Actually I don’t have bad thoughts against them, I hear in my mind a voice that Jesus evil or god and I can’t stop it, I don’t want to think it actually. I’m vey worry and fear I committed it.

    • says

      We all have bad thoughts. Note that nowhere is the unpardonable sin described as having anything to do with thoughts. So do not worry about that.

      It sounds like maybe you are struggling with some stressful situations in your life, and possibly some depression. Is there someone you can talk to about these things?

      • Bridget dico says

        Is uncontrolled thoughts is a sin or bad thoughts against Jesus, god and Holy Spirit? And I want to know more about unforgivable sin I can’t understand it. Tell me more here message me. These uncontrolled thoughts I don’t believe in it what my mind think bad thoughts I just let it go because it not true of who I am it’s just an uncontrolled thoughts or lies in my mind I don’t believe in it. If this thoughts come I just ignore it because this not the real thoughts my real thoughts are opposite. I truly believe in Jesus my savior and god. I want to know if bad thoughts or uncontrolled thoughts is a sin?

  12. rudransh saraf says

    It is same to me and i also asked jeremy about this and i came to know that only if you speak against the holy spirit only then you will commit the unforgiviable sin and you should read this topic and then if you still don’t belive me and jeremy then you should not worry but you should belive that there is nothing like holy spirit and you should not worry and however if you are a non beliver,are not councerned about this,and don’t care about this then only you can know that you have commited it

  13. Lewis says

    This is not good. 3 months ago I was reading the unpardonable sin in the bible and this OCD kicked in. Focusing in the worst possible scenario. My mind starting believing that junk and I tryed to cycle it off. Things got worse and I started feeling deprived of conviction. I feared and feared because I couldn’t get it out of my head. Then I stopped fearing. Things started getting blank. My concernity hit the roof. Things started changing. Like no feelings of emotion, Lusts, like comin seance is becoming nutual. My mind had almost the the response of the Pharacys and I tried to reject all that stuff as get Jesus close to my heart. It’s like this unbelief dominated me. I couldn’t control it. Things are getting worse now. Like I don’t know what to do. I’m still concerned and wanting to fix this, I still know jesus is lord, I can’t feel to feel with my heart anymore. My imaginations have been cut a little. I didn’t want this. It’s like I’m becoming a repubat. Or a deparved mind. I can’t sleep well. That “not caring feeling” is starting to happen which my concernity takes over, because I want to be with Jesus. And for all this to just clear up. I don’t really feel human anymore in a way. I do but it’s different. If whatever’s bound on earth is bound in heaven this isn’t good. I kept hearing this voice saying I’m not going to make it to heaven. This isn’t good. I think I’m cursed. I pray I’m not. I pray I can break free. I am concerned. And I can’t seem to focus good anymore. It’s like I can’t feel love or sadness or anything anymore. I’m just nutral. It’s like I’m becoming a creature I don’t want to be that. I don’t want sin to be more dominant over me. My mind has done tarable things I couldn’t control. This attitude I couldn’t break free of. This is very very serious because I can’t detect i, I want to cry. But all I feel is nutral. Is if comited. Is there no way out of this state of bean. Am I condemned. Because of what my stupid mind was doing. It’s like I don’t have emotions…… I can’t seem to wake up! It’s like. Flat. I don’t want this to go any further. There needs to be a solution. There needs to be… I tryed 100 prayer lines. Talked to everyone for advices. Tryed. Everything….. God help me

  14. Matthew Richardson says

    I am uncertain concerning suicide. You have suggested that forgiveness does not need to be asked for, that we are forgiven all things fom the moment we accept the Spirit. I agree that Jesus will be our advocate should we die before we can ask forgiveness. But taking your own life suggests a lack of faith and places one’s own judgement of life and death ahead of God’s. A dead man cannot ask for forgiveness.

  15. Chad says

    I’m losing my mind ! I really need God to help me . I have E-mailed you before and told you my situation . I so feel like I blasphemed the Holy Spirit . I can’t function , I can’t take care of my kids , they have to stay with their mother because I live in fear and anxiety everyday . I can’t even pay my bills on time it’s debilitated me . I don’t want to go to hell . I got so mad at God one day for not answering my silly selfish prayer . I yelled and screamed at Him and said ” God you couldn’t even give me a measly peace when I asked you for one . I sang a harish sarcastic song to God saying ” He didn’t lift me up when I was down “! I felt that day like I was doomed for hell and I blasphemed the Holy Spirit . I wish a million times I can take it back what I said . I haved begged God to forgive me and have mercy on me . But I know He won’t forgive blasphemy of His Spirit . I have kids I love dearly . I have begged God for help but I find none at all . I guess the only way I will really know if I have is the day I die . And I’m terrified of dying

    • says

      I replied to your earlier email. Did you get my reply?

      Basically, you need to do your best to retrain your mind. If you have OCD, you may need some medication to help with this.

      Instead of thinking that God is dangling you over the pit of hell, you need to retrain your thinking patterns to recognize that God has never stopped loving you, and never will.

      It also sounds like you are being told some of the worst kind of religious lies. If the things going through your head are echoes of things you hear in church on Sunday … stop going to church. Seriously. You are being told a whole pack of wrong ideas about God, and it is not helping you.

      Instead, remember that you are more than forgiven! God isn’t mad, upset, or angry with you.

      If you have not yet received my emails on the Unpardonable Sin, those might be helpful as well:

      • Chad says

        you know your right God has forgiven me . I will not listen to satans lies anymore . God says in His word that He will not cast anyone out who comes to Him . Psalms 103 even says God is not angry nor does He hold grudges . With Gods help I will not listen to anymore lies the enemy tells me . Thank you God for your mercy !

  16. Ladavia says

    Hi lately I have been having blasphemy thoughts . At first they were forgivable thoughts cause they were not against the spirit .
    but I was reading through scriptures .. I had one highlighted so I reread it again . It said blasphemy against the spirit will not be forgiven . Now as I went back .. it says Matthew 12:25 that Jesus knew the Pharisees thoughts .. considering they blasphemy against the spirit in their mind .. they won’t be forgiven right ? . I’m reading in nkjv . As soon as I read the passage it’s as if the devil went into my mind like hahaha I’m here . And all these thoughts agasint the spirit came in my mind .things that weren’t even there . I felt so bad . I felt as if my whole life was thrown away . .. my whole spirit . I don’t want to go to he’ll . They say that the mind and the heart are together . but my mind is full of wisdom and sometimes thoughts come in intrusively . It’s hurt me . Cause they’re very hard to control sometimes . And I know Jesus looking down hearing my thoughts and has probably moved away from me .. considering it says that the Lord will move away from the wicked . considering I have wicked thoughts sometimes .. he has moved away from me :( so I feel like God won’t hear my prayer .
    Lately the thoughts have disappeared I feel like the fight has loosened up .. a lot . and that’s scary cause the devil only fights against you when you’re God’s child .. has God moved away from me .. like I feel like he has cause no evil thoughts have been happening much . it’s quite shocking .

    • Kathryn says

      Rational thought and questioning are inherent in our nature; why stifle it? Unfortunately, not all people have the intelligence, education, stick-to-it-ness to sort through what they are thinking and frame in into the correct context. Some get tangled up into emotions and project themselves into the situation – thinking it’s all about them worrying that they’ve done something wrong for thinking. I’m saddened by your thoughts of Hell. Rather than feeling guilty about naturally questioning your thoughts, I suggest writing them down. Question them. Google them. Do a little research and ask others their view. Treat your reading of the Bible as if you are reading a contract when making a major purchase from someone you do not know. If something seems wrong, will not truth set you free? If you find something to be immoral in the Bible say so, but get your facts first. Google the history of the Bible. Learn about the Council of Nicaea. Learn about changes that were made in the Bible and decisions to exclude certain parts. Check out Constantine. If you think the Bible is all divinely inspired and divinely changed, I have a bridge to sell you. Questioning can cause your faith to falter but it can lead to a better understanding of truth. Question everything freely even me!

  17. Ladavia says

    And I said ” Jesus is the dev.. *
    And ” Jesus works with the dev…. *
    ugh i can’t believe what has come into my mind .. you know the rest.. I can’t even spell it out :( it’s just not right .. I just want to go to heaven :( but I don’t think I will ever be forgiven of the unforgivable sin . It’s unforgivable . =(

  18. Tammy says

    My story is different, I do feel u have committed the unpardonable sin. I have been born again, filled with His Spirit. Yet there came a time i got bitter and left the church. I know Gods word as he called me to teach it. Somewhere along the line i just wanted out. Alot of things had happen and i went to pray one day and of course something terrible came out. First conviction hit i had been learning on fear and was listening and the last thing i remember is if fear hit run to God not from him. Fear hit,
    i went to screaming what have i done what have i done. See i am a different case. The Holy Spirit do try to prove to me that i had not committed that sin, but i would not heed and i would scream what have i done, i tried to talk to my husband about it and he yelled at me and well even more block went up. I went to my Pastor oh that is a whole other story. But unlike just thoughts my mouth would not hush. God was bringing his word to me and proving i had not but he also wanted me to repent and i think my heart did not want to do that. He wanted me to trust him and i told him no i can not do that. Sure i know the Bible very well and His Holy Spirit so mine was a heart condition to begin with i am thinking… Alot more to this story than i am writing here. i am not sure if you responsd to e-mails or talk and forth through e-mail but i would love to speak more on this. i have now been tormented day and night for several years. i went back to a life of sin and did not believe God after knowing his love and he sent Jesus for my sins. So please talk with me on this. i do not wish to go back to church or be around Christians anymore. i do not want to go to hell either. But hey i did not count the cost about what was going on. i got a life without God and when he drew me back i was like i like this life and i did want him from a distance to be there for me and we know that it is the other way around we are to be vessels of honor for him. i am only hitting some highlights so as not to scare anyone into thinking God will not forgive he does….but i am one that can not be. Yes first because it was a lie when i thought i committed it. But i did more than that to go along with it. I rejected His Holy Spirit. oh very long story and His Spirit was saying don’t do this. Yet i did….please talk with me through e-mail so many fear they have committed this sin when they most certainly have not. So i do not want to make their fears worse with my story..Alot of people fear this and really you have not committed it when the fear hits, that a sure sign the devil is lying to you. As for me different.

    • Ladavia says

      We’re you saying I HAVE committed it ? .. in the beginning you said ” I do feel you have committed the unpardonble sin ”
      but in the end you stated ” and really you have not committed it when the fear hits “

      • Tammy says

        Forgive me the u was a typing error, it was meant to be an I. i have read your post after you thought i was referring to you, No you have not commited this sin. It is of the heart not the mind, Yes Jesus knows our thoughts and he knows those are not your thoughts. God looks on the heart and it is plain that your heart was not thinking this way. It is plain those were thoughts of the devil. He places thoughts in our minds all the time all we have to do when i bad thought comes is ask for forgiveness for it, knowing that it isn’t from the heart. You Post plainly shows that you did not commit this sin. The Pharsies thought where from there heart they really believe in their hearts Jesus was of the devil that is not your case. You do not believe that at all, you believe he is Gods son and the devil is using Gods word against you making you think you did this sin and trying to confuse you in your mind. Yours was not an act of the heart, you need to thank God that the thoughts have stopped, that shows they were not part of your heart and God knows that, it does not mean that you are not Gods child, it means that you have gotten control of the thought and know they aren’t yours. You got use to the thoughts and when they stopped the devil used this trap oh your not a Child of God because no evil thoughts are there anymore. He just moved one thought to another. He eased up on the blasphemous thoughts then has you thinking because they aren’t there your wicked and God isn;t with you…He is playing games in your mind. Check you heart does you heart believe that Jesus is the son of God, does your mind also believe this if so. Then you have not commited this sin.. The pharises did not believe who Jesus is. They did not believe at all in their minds or hearts he is Gods Son that came take away their sins.

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